ELIO; Taken from Nature

Experience the Natural Miracle of Plants with Elio Products.

About ELIO
Where is Elio produced?

Our story begins with protecting the beauty taken from nature

Nature has been generous and benevolent to humans since the dawn of human life, always extending a hand in friendship. However, with the growth of technology and urban living, the relationship between humans and nature has undergone changes. Through the production of various chemicals and plastics, and the introduction of pollution and destruction, humans have impacted nature to the extent that we've witnessed the extinction of animal and plant species, as well as climate and weather changes. As technology advances, it distances humans from nature, but humans continue to seek a return to their roots. The resurgence of natural lifestyles and organic nutrition is a testament to humanity's innate love for nature.

Nature is a powerful source rich in rejuvenating and nourishing compounds that bring youth and beauty to us. Considering that healthy natural compounds originate from a healthy environment, our goal at the ELIO brand is to use these ingredients while protecting nature. We are committed to preserve and care for nature. To achieve this, we cultivate plants with nutritious properties that are not endangered, ensuring that their utilization does not harm the environment.

The ELIO brand is designed by a dedicated team comprising botanists, pharmacists, chemists, and researchers to offer products centered around plant-derived nutritious extracts with maximum quality. To create ELIO brand products, we utilize plant extracts that have had their nutritional benefits and effectiveness for skin and hair health confirmed over the years. We are committed to use plants that do not harm the environment during cultivation and harvesting, and we aim to protect plants that are at risk of extinction and could be harmful to the environment if exploited.

The Quality of Elio Products

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful scenes of nature. With the rising of the sun, life begins again on Earth and the energy of life flows through all the veins of nature. The nature that smiles to all creatures and kindly gives everything it has to us humans.

The creation of Elio brand starts with the inspiration from the beauty of nature and the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality, with the aim of preserving the health and beauty of our skin and hair.

Elio brand is inspired by the name of the life-giving sun and taken from nature using the most effective herbal ingredients, according to the standards of the world. Our goal is achieving the health of skin and hair through the natural feel of consumption nature-derived products.

The quality of Elio products is on par with the best international skincare and beauty products. Our commitment to respecting the well-being of your mind, body, soul, and skin is taken from nature. We have strived to earn your trust by producing the finest products, with all our research and offerings aimed at ensuring your skin and hair's health.

History of the Elio Brand

The Elio brand is a collaborative effort between Kia Kam Pharmed, a subsidiary of the Fankam Group, and Tabiat Zendeh. By pooling their resources and over 20 years of invaluable experience in the production of skincare, haircare, and beauty products, they brought to life the dream of a brand taken from nature with superior performance, in line with the needs of Iran, and competitive with the best international brands.

To achieve the best product quality, the quality of raw materials and natural plant extracts takes precedence. Our selection of extracts is sourced from nature's farms with the highest quality, and we use them in effective quantities. We also emphasize eco-friendly packaging and have implemented strategies to reduce plastic consumption through special packaging design. These are all integral aspects of the ELIO brand's nature-centered product production.

You deserve the best! We believe in the miracles of plants, and we want you to experience the touch of nature through our taken from nature products and feel a natural and genuine sensation.