About Elio Ingredients

Is coconut oil good for dry skin and hair?
Coconut oil is a widely used ingredient in home-made hair treatments. Elio Coconut products use the very important coconut benefits, which are included in coconut moisturizing cream, coconut body wash, coconut hair shampoo (for normal to dry hair), coconut hair conditioner, and coconut hair mask to help eliminate frizz and provide the essential moisture that skin and hair needs.
How can I use aloe vera for my hair? Is aloe vera good for skin and hair?
Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in skin care and hair care products. Elio brand has some products containing aloe vera extract, including aloe vera shampoo (for oily hair), aloe vera face wash gel (for oily skin) and aloe vera moisturizing cream, which are necessary to restore moisture and health to the skin and hair.
What are the benefits of avocado for skin and hair?
Avocado extract and oil have the property of moisturizing the skin and hair. Elio avocado products include avocado shampoo (for dry hair), avocado hair mask, avocado hair conditioner and avocado moisturizing cream.
What are the benefits of lavender extract in ELIO products?
Lavender extract is a wonderful natural compound for healing, moisturizing and revitalizing the skin and hair. Lavender helps to grow strong and healthy hair and maintains scalp health. Elio Lavender products include lavender moisturizing cream, lavender anti hair fall shampoo and lavender face wash gel (for dry skin).
What is the use of cherry extract in skin and hair products?
Cherry extract is a nutritious ingredient that contains important vitamins, including vitamin C, and makes the skin clear. This extract, while nourishing and moisturizing the hair with antioxidant properties, protects the skin against environmental damage. Elio cherry products include cherry moisturizing cream, cherry body wash, cherry hair shampoo (for colored hair), cherry hair conditioner and cherry hair mask that help keep skin healthy and protect colored hair.
What are the benefits of milk protein? And in which of the ELIO products is it used?
Milk protein nourishes and moisturizes the skin of hands, face and body. This ingredient also helps repair and regenerate the skin. You can view the information of Elio products that contain milk protein in avocado and milk moisturizer, lavender and milk moisturizer, and coconut and milk moisturizer.
How does lemongrass extract help skin and hair?
Lemongrass extract helps skin and hair health with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. Lemongrass extract is also effective in cleansing the skin and controlling oil secretion. You can view the information of Elio products that contain this ingredient in lemongrass face wash gel (for oily skin), lemongrass hair shampoo (for oily hair) and lemongrass moisturizer.

About Elio Brand

Where is ELIO brand made?
ELIO is an iranian brand and is the result of the aggregation of knowledge and experience of two companies, “Kia Kam Pharmed” and “Tabiat Zendeh”. This brand provides taken from nature products (from the farm to the product) using recyclable packaging, reducing the amount of plastic with the type of packaging design, selecting the best quality and high performance natural and herbal extracts, in accordance with the needs of consumers and able to compete with the best foreign brands.
Is ELIO Cruelty Free? Are ELIO products tested on animals?
ELIO is a cruelty-free brand with no animal testing. None of the products or ingredients of this brand are tested on animals.