Elio Lavender and Milk Hydrator Cream

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ELIO Lavender & Milk Skin Hydrator Cream Ingredients

Lavender extract: Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it plays an important role in preventing the effects of free radicals and preventing skin wrinkles. It has sapid hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic benefits and is very effective in reducing and relieving dry skin.

Milk protein: It is rich in amino acids that keep the moisture of the skin and hydrates it. This protein also nourishes and regenerates the skin cells.

Vitamin B5: It is a strong moisturizer that prevents skin dryness and makes the skin soft and supple with high hydration.

Vitamin E: It is a natural moisturizer and anti-oxidant that by increasing the rate of collagen formation and protecting the skin against damages caused by environmental pollution and free radicals, it makes the skin youthful and fresh.

Elio Lavender & Milk Cream Specifics

  • Enriched with nutritious plant compounds and extracts
  • Quick absorption, no stickiness feeling
  • Strong moisturizing effect
  • Non irritant
  • Paraben free

About Elio Lavender & Milk Skin Hydrator Cream

Elio Lavender & Milk Skin Hydrator Cream, is a hydrating product with a light texture and long-lasting effect, suitable for all skin types. It contains 100% natural nutrient complex to soothe and increase the freshness and firmness of the skin.

Lavender extract in Elio purple moisturizing cream

This moisturizing cream is enriched with lavender extract and milk protein, which have anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, respectively.

Lavender extract refreshes and revitalizes the skin by increasing blood circulation and quick hydration. Milk protein also contains vitamins B5 and E, and by stimulating collagen production, it nourishes the skin and prevents premature aging of the skin.

How to Use Elio Lavender & Milk Hydrator Cream

Apply the right amount of the moisturizing cream on the clean skin of hands and face and gently massage until completely absorbed.