Elio Grape Gina Body Wash

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ELIO Grape Gina Body Wash Ingredients

Grape extract: Contains anti-oxidant and nutrient compounds including quercetin, vitamin E, vitamin C, caffeic acid, group B vitamins, and mineral compounds, that in addition to its brightening and anti-wrinkle properties, it helps soften the skin.

Lemon extract: With strong anti-oxidant properties, it cleans the skin and helps make it shine.

Glycerin: It’s a potent skin moisturizing agent.

Elio Grape Gina Body Wash Specifics

  • Enriched with nutritious plant compounds and extracts
  • Refreshes and energizes the body skin
  • Moisturizes and hydrates dry skin
  • Paraben free

About Elio Grape Gina Body Wash

Elio Grape Gina fruity body wash contains 100% natural fruit nutritive complex with grape and lemon scent that nourishes, moisturizes and energizes the skin.

This Elio shower gel is a nourishing cleanser for the body skin. This product, while cleaning the skin with a pleasant lather, calms your mind and body and gives your skin a sense of softness and tenderness.

Grape and lemon extracts are rich in essential anti-oxidants to protect your skin from environmental damages.

How to Use Elio Grape Gina Body Wash

Massage an appropriate amount of body wash on wet skin and then rinse and enjoy the wonderful aroma of grape and lemon.