Elio Secretive Deodorant Roll On

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ELIO “Secretive” Deodorant Roll-On Specifics

For women

Alcohol free

Paraben free

24 hours long lasting effect

No residue stains or white marks

Enriched with nutritious plant compounds and extracts

About Elio Secretive Deodorant Roll On

Elio Secretive Deodorant Roll-on is an alcohol-free and paraben-free anti-perspirant deodorant that suppresses sweat and unpleasant body odor, offering you 24-hour protection without leaving stains or white mark on your clothes.

The soft and light texture of Elio roll-on dries quickly and controls and reduces the daily sweat, without clogging the pores of the skin.

Elio Secretive Deodorant Roll-on has a relaxing aroma of Sandalwood and gives you a sense of tenderness.

How to Use Elio Secretive Deodorant Roll-On

Use daily on the clean and dry skin of the underarm.